Emily’s Bat Mitzvah (10.19-10.20.13)

What a way to finish the work weekend than with the JS Trinity, aka Scott, Mike D. and Magic Mike power-housing the Bat Mitzvah of Emily Schwadron. This was a multi-day event starting last Thursday with Scott and Magic Mike photographing Emily and her family at Temple Beth Miriam in Elberon for her mitzvah formals. Scott and Mike took a lot of great shots and the Schwadron family was extremely cooperative; all loving to take pictures. That following Saturday saw the return of Magic Mike to Beth Miriam to film Emily’s actual mitzvah ceremony who had a flawless reading and an amazing personality to boot. However we did not stop there. Last Sunday saw all hands on deck for Emily’s mitzvah party at Ocean Place Resort powered by Music Express. Magic Mike returned with the video to finish strong and Scott and Mike D. tackled the photographing of the event together. Our very own Jess Mercer and Rich Rose arrived with our unique photo lounge providing hours of fun for the entire guest list. Check out the job below.