Benjamin’s Bar Mitzvah (6-14-14)

Benjamin’s World Cup Themed Bar Mitzvah kicked off Saturday morning at The Windsor Ballroom in East Windsor. Scott and Mike D. met Benjamin and his family for portraits on the beautiful grounds of the hotel. After formals Ben nailed his Bar Mitzvah Ceremony as his family and friends watched, proud. Now it was time for the fun to begin. The adults enjoyed a private cocktail hour while the children enjoyed their own version of cocktail hour. Mike R. and Jess were busy setting up the Photo Lounge in the main ballroom as Adam and his crew from AJH Entertainment put on the finishing touches providing music, lights, and TV screens for the day. Then it was go time. Ben and his friends (and his parents’ friends too) partied all afternoon. Never leaving the dance floor for more than a moment to catch their breath. Take a small peak at the action below.