Alyssa & Jason (7-26-14)

The Tinari Trifecta is now complete. Alyssa and Jason brought it home with an all-star wedding that started with Scott and the girls at the Tinari residence and John Shapiro and Paul with Jason and the groomsmen after which the entire crew teamed up back at the Tinari residence for an emotional first look. The ceremony took place on the grounds of the beautiful Battleground Country Club said by our good friend Father John Michael O’Sullivan. The evening continued as we were rocked by the sounds of Band of Gold  at Alyssa and Jason’s wedding reception and Jess Mercer stole the show by running our unique and one-of-a-kind red carpet photo lounge providing hours of entertainment for their guests. A special “Thank-You” to the Tinari family as it has been such an honor to work with you all for so many years.