Andrew’s Bar Mitzvah (11-9-2014)

Andrew could not have asked for a better way to party with his friends Sunday afternoon. Just a few days before the big party, Thursday night Scott and Mike D. met up with Andrew and his family at Temple Beth Ahm in Aberdeen, NJ for formals. Even though it was dark by the time we got there we were able to take advantage of the very cool brick work outside of the temple as well as some of the features inside the sanctuary. On Sunday the entire JS crew rolled out to make sure Andrew’s party was one for the record books. Scott and Jennie were team photo, capturing all angles of the party while Mike R. was the man behind the video camera not only capturing footage for the final DVD but also was supplying a feed to our Media Lounge which showed off live video, tons of pictures, and other awesome enhancements which were displayed all day on TWO 60″ TV’s ran by Mike D, finishing it up was Jess and Ramon who were making sure guests got the most of the Photo Lounge as they came up and walked away with tons of prints. Check out SOME of what we did below.