Suzanne & JP (9-19-2015)

Saturday started out early for Scott and Mike as they headed out to beautiful Berdnardsville, NJ. The weather was perfect and the change in scenery was exactly what the duo needed. Bernard’s Inn served as the backdrop for Suzanne’s prep. The room was beautifully lit and the colors of the dresses really popped. From there it was a short drive to The Purnell School where the couple would have their outdoor ceremony. The grounds also served as our first location for family and bridal party pictures. Before heading back to Bernard’s Inn we made two additional stops with Suzanne and JP first to a park with a beautiful lake view and then over to the local train station. We ended the evening partying the night away with all of their closest family thanks to Posh Entertainment. Take a look below at just how much we enjoyed the change in scenery.