Renée & Bobby’s Highlights

So, here is the thing; our job is awesome, let’s face it we get to meet some amazing people, spend the day with them, and then party with them, their family, and friends all night long. Yeah, dream job. How could it get even better? When a day after they get their video they send us an email saying how much they love it! So it is only fair I finish off these three days in a row with Renée and Bobby’s video. You may recognize the song, it’s Walk The Moon’s Shut Up and Dance and yes, it was featured in yesterdays video of Melyssa and Matt. But we aim to make every video unique and we think you’ll agree. Fall in love with these two just like we did, check it out. P.S. this video shows off Spring Lake Park, the beach at Spring Lake, and The Breakers, oh and Corey Fox of Elite Entertainment makes a small appearance ;).