The Channel Club – Wynter & Ryan

Wynter and Ryan are family; plain and simple. Though part of a larger family than just the JS Photo Video family, they are part of the fantastic Channel Club family. Scott and Will started out with this amazing couple in Red Bank where they had their first look, ran around town with their dog, and had some fun in Bark Avenue. Fred and the The Channel Club crew transformed the beautiful waterfront courtyard into not only the perfect ceremony location but once the “I Do’s” were over everyone was able to enjoy the night as they sat and danced outside under the lights. Nick Cavaleri of Be The Good Entertainment provided the soundtrack for the night both outside and in. The sun dropped, the lights came on and the sunset was exactly what everyone hoped for. Mike joined Scott for sunset photos out on the dock as Will and Rich ran the photo lounge which featured a rather unique backdrop provided by Bath Fitter of Monmouth County. Seriously, this was a day was NOT your average wedding. Check it out below.

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