Pamela & Richard (11.30.13)

Time to end November with a bang and at what better place than historic Red Bank at the Molly Pitcher Inn. Scott and Mike D met both Pamela and Richard around 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon at the famous hotel for an intimate first look. (So intimate in fact that Pamela looked radiant in her mother’s wedding dress). Enter the bridal party; as rowdy and fun-loving as they come providing just a taste of what the party would be like. After a few portraits the group stayed on-site for Pamela and Richard’s nuptials followed by an amazing two-room cocktail hour and reception. However as always the fun did not stop there. By the time the first dance was over and toasts were wrapping up, Magic Mike and Rich Rose arrived with a massive photo lounge set-up providing laughter and fun for the guests all night. Check out the fun below.