Ira’s Bar Mitzvah (12.1.13)

Ah December! The holidays are upon us, the decorations go up, and Ira Michael Kaplan celebrates his sweet Bar Mitzvah; literally. Scott and Mike D began their adventure with the Kaplan family last Friday at Congregation Torat El for temple portraits followed by a few formals at the Kaplan Residence. One thing you need to know about Ira is he’s one of those kids that simply likes to have a good time and loves life; (and his pictures prove it). Alas came Sunday the first day of December and Ira’s mitzvah party at Branches Catering in Long Branch. Family, friends and Chris from Music Express were in attendance to give Ira the sweetest party ever. (I say the sweetest because Ira’s theme was candy and boy was there a lot of it. Magic Mike had a hard time not eating the goods). Needless to say it was an amazing way to kick off the holiday season with your favorite trinity, (aka Scott, Mike D and Magic Mike), taking pics and taking names. Check out some images below.