Megan and Stephen’s Wedding (12-12-2015)

The calendar may have said December but the weather said May. Mike, Will, and Kevin spent the day with Megan, Stephen and all their family and friends Saturday for a day full of fun. Mike started with Megan and her ladies at the TR Hotel in Toms River while Kevin and Will headed out to Stephen’s house with him and his guys. After preps were done, the team met up at St John’s Catholic Church in Lakehurst for a beautiful ceremony. Afterwards we were able to take advantage of the unusually warm weather with some pictures outside the church and over at Island Heights Pavilion. Looking at these pictures you never would have thought it was December (other than the Christmas tree’s which adorned the hotel and church). Mike and Will got some photographic gold as the sun went down and Kevin was making sure not to miss a second of it on video. Back over at the TR Hotel Megan and Stephen’s good friend Brendan and his MC Phillip kept the dance floor rocking all night. Be sure to check back for their highlight video but in the meantime check out a small sampling of photos below.